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Computerised Booking and Dispatch

Our computerised booking system sends all pick up details, date, time of booking, destination and price, direct to the drivers in-cab Data terminal.

Our up to the minute mapping system in our control room pinpoints the exact location of any of our vehicles right down to the road and house number enabling cars nearby to be dispatched immediately to a pick up.

Our caller memory bank stores and records your details when you book once with us and automatically displays them on screen the next time you call, enabling your booking to be entered and dispatched quicker.

Our ringback option ensures you are never left out in the cold. If you're calling from a club or a room at home without a roadside view, simply request RINGBACK when you book and your number will be stored in our computer system. Our drivers simply press a button in their cab and your phone will ring  twice to let you know your car is waiting.